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Geotechnical engineering, Environment, Natural hazards and Earth sciences Department

The GERS department is one of the five departments resulting from the restructuring of IFSTTAR in 2011, which saw the merger between the LCPC (Central Laboratory of Bridges and Roads) and INRETS (National Institute of Research on Transport and Their Safety). GERS, whose main activity is the geosciences applied to civil engineering and development, was created in January 2013 and its teams are entirely from the LCPC.

The fields of activity of the GERS cover a broad spectrum integrating many disciplines such as geotechnics, geology, hydrology, environmental chemistry, geophysics and auscultation.

On 1 september 2017, the 118 permanent staff of this department are spread over three geographical sites in 5 laboratories: Nantes-Bouguenais, Marne-la-Vallée and Bron:

  • UMR 8205 Navier - équipe géotechnique (Marne-la-Vallée)
  • UMR 5275 ISTerre - équipe risques (Grenoble)



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